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Dark theme for any website with super simple user interface

Dark theme is also known as: Dark theme for search.

Rating: 4.55 (512)
Users: 30,000+
Version: (Last updated: 2021-07-30)
Size: 1.73M
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It's time to make Facebook and other websites dark and stylish! 

This Google Chrome extension will turn on night mode on Facebook and also save your eyes. Check yourself, it's much more comfortable to work with a dark interface. After all, who decided that the Internet should be light?

Dark Theme for Facebook and Other Websites has a number of wonderful features:

- It has a number of black and dark themes to choose from
- It's super lightweight
- It's really easy to use
- You can turn it on and off anytime
- You can customize any theme or even create your own in a second!

Permissions required:

- tabs, activeTab, <all_urls> - to have access to websites to enable dark theme
- webRequest, webRequestBlocking, webNavigation - to fix bugs of night mode rendering
- storage - to store settings of the plugin
- cookies - to store meta-data of dark themes and their version info
- idle - to upload new versions of themes when you are not using your computer
- contextMenus - to enable dark theme from context menu
- notifications - to show notifications and errors
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