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Chrome extension monetization

TablePlus TablePlus

Transform and paste tables from your clipboard, especially into Jira.

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Version: 0.0.6 (Last updated: 2016-09-28)
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Price: Free
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Transforms tabular text stored in the clipboard to generate markup text useful in applications such as Jira.

TablePlus adds entries to the context (right-click) menu in Google Chrome, so that when you are entering text you can do some enhanced pasting:

* Paste Jira Table Markup
* Paste Jira Transposed Table Markup
* Paste Jira Escaped Markup

If you work regularly with tabular data, you will find that TablePlus makes it much easier to create clear and readable comments, eliminating the need to build the markup text by manually typing it in, or generating it with external applications.

You can find more detailed examples at the home website below, along with links to download the source code, log bug reports, or make new feature requests.

During installation, Chrome may warn you that the extension can collect all site data, but it doesn't actually do that.  You are free to look at the source code.

Known Issues:
* Tabular data containing line-feeds within cells may not render properly.

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