Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

IRCTC Alerter IRCTC Alerter

A chrome extension to make IRCTC website less frustrating to use by alerting the user when the IRCTC page is completely loaded.

By: Rajesh
Rating: 4.36 (11)
Users: 226 +5
Version: 1.5 (Last updated: 2014-03-28)
Size: 680.96K
Price: Free
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Now you can go to other tabs while using IRCTC without being worried about being unaware of IRCTC getting loaded and you getting session timed out because you will be alerted with sound and flashing a tab icon.

A chrome extension to make online train ticket booking on IRCTC website less frustrating. IRCTC website can unbearably slow and unresponsive at peak load conditions. IRCTC also has small session time out period so if the user wanders to other tabs while waiting for the page to load, chances of being timed out  very high. IRCTC Alerter addresses these issues by alerting the user when the IRCTC page is completely loaded by playing a sound and changing the tab icon of the site to red bulb. The sound stops and the original tab icon is displayed when the user returns to the IRCTC tab. The extension remains inactive if the user remains on the IRCTC tab, It gets into action only when the user goes to other browser tabs while IRCTC site is loading a page.
The extension does not have much of an UI, so I have added a screen capture video to show how it works. 
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