Turret Defense 1 Turret Defense 1

Enemies get stronger with every death, and bullets grow stronger each time they collide with one another. Currently Endless.

Rating: 2.00 (2)
Users: 78 +9
Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2014-02-24)
Size: 269.31K
Price: Free
Simple Turret Defense. Touch/Click the black walls to purchase and place a turret ($25 each). If you click an already placed turret you'll sell it back for the price you bought it at. Each killed enemy gives you $5. Enemies spawn at the bottom left and move to the top right. Enemies spawn endlessly. A text box will display how much health the new enemies are spawning with. Every enemy death adds health to the new ones that spawn. Finally, turret bullets that collide with each other become super charged, causing them to do more damage, fly faster and longer, and change in color.

This is more a test than a full game, but if you enjoy it and want to see more, let know!

Dev Note: This was made using the Construct 2 game development engine.
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