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An elegant, minimal new tab page

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Version: 1.4.1 (Last updated: 2021-01-09)
Size: 123.9K
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Minimo provides a simple way to quickly access your favorite websites and have useful information at a glance. It syncs with your tabs from your mobile devices and displays them at the bottom for quick access.

* Useful information at a glance (current date & time, connection status, estimated download speed in Mbps, battery level)
* Synced tabs from remote Chrome sessions
* An optional button for your navigation bar for quick access to your shortcuts and synced tabs.
* Simple UI for customizing shortcuts that sync as Bookmarks across all your devices
* Rich-text, minimal scratchpad called "Writing mode" to you jot down notes for later (stored locally, in a per-device basis)
* Variety of theme colors and synced preferences across browser sessions
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