Lean Password Hasher Lean Password Hasher

Nifty helper to hash passwords. Uses HMAC-SHA1.

By: tr.koch
Rating: 5.00 (5)
Users: 63 -6
Version: 0.2 (Last updated: 2013-01-16)
Size: 49.91K
Price: Free
Lean Password Hasher lets you create safe and purpose-specific passwords easily. You just have to remember a reasonably long master key.

This extension opens a small pop-up, tries to determine the parameter from the domain of the current tab, asks for the master password and copies the hash to the clipboard. Lean Password Hasher generates a Base64 encoded HMAC-SHA1 hash with the master key as HMAC and the parameter as message, shortened to the chosen length. It was inspired by hashapass.com and generates the same hash with the default length of 8.

An online version of this extension can be found at hash.tknetwork.de.

SHA1 implementation by Paul Johnston (
BSD License

Icon by Iconfinder (
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0
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