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Bastards of Hell Bastards of Hell

Dive into the fascinating world of the 1%.

Rating: 4.33 (6)
Users: 196 -7
Version: (Last updated: 2013-11-13)
Size: 45.57K
Price: Free
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Three long years in Rikers. One of the crappiest dirt holes in the state. The sweet smell of freedom...but...without a job...without money...even freedom isn't really fun.
And in jail you need friends to stay alive. After you saved the life of the president of a MC in a prison yard was certain that his bikers would protect you. 
In order to repay the debt he granted you the permission to build up your own business.
Living in the fast lane...countless opportunites...the world stands open for you...make something out of it!

The most authentic Outlaw-Biker-Game ever seen. 
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