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Multiple Tools for Facebook is a collection of automation tools.

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Collection of tools to help Facebook users with a few things:
1. Your Dashboard: shows you your Facebook analytics. [WIP]
2. Privacy Changer: change privacy of your posts in bulk on personal Facebook.
3. Interaction Scanner: scan interaction of friends on personal Facebook wall.
4. Messages Downloader: count messages between you and your friends, and also download messages!
5. Groups Scanner: find which groups you have joined.
6. Pages Scanner: find which pages you or anyone liked.
7. Friends Remover: find and remove friends with ease. Can also find deactivated and locked accounts.
8. Friend Requests Manager: manage your incoming and outgoing friend requests.
9. Unseen & Block Typing Indicator: stay hidden while reading and typing messages!

Facebook Classic only feature:
1. Profile Picture Guard: to prevent others from stealing Profile Picture.

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