WhatsGreen Multi Messenger WhatsGreen Multi Messenger

Easy access to WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, FB Messenger and many more from the Chrome toolbar.

Meet Green Multi Messenger - an ultimative Messenger, which supports all the mainstream worldwide chats and messengers. Leave jumping from chat to chat and switching between WhatsApp and FB Messenger in the past - one app brings all the communication power to your browser and it's called WhatsGreen.

Easy access to WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangout, Skype, Messenger and other message applications via Chrome toolbar.
Green Multi Messenger is the easiest way to chat with friends from Chrome Browser without a phone. With Green Multi Messenger you will never miss a message again while working on your PC. 

Instead of checking phone every time, Multi Messenger is a fast way to send and read messages from most popular apps.

During your surfing the web and opening other web pages, simply click to the extension button and window chat will be show on the current page. 

Green Multi Messenger is an irreplaceable assistant with:

- Support desktop notifications, so you will be always notified about new messages even when you aren’t checking the web page.

-  Fast Launch for popular messengers.
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