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Chrome extension monetization

Hey Beter Hey Beter

Replaces half of those regular old Bs with the B emoji.

Rating: 4.71 (7) +0.05
Users: 188 -3
Version: 2.1.7 (Last updated: 2019-03-08)
Size: 24.8K
Price: Free
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You know that feeling when you're on the web and you see a the plain old letter B? Terrible, right? Well you can kiss that feeling goodbye with the Hey Beter Chrome extension. Never again will you have to cringe as you read through a web page and see such a scandalous thing. It's eye candy, I promise! And if you get bored of it, simply disable it by clicking the icon in the toolbar.

 • Replaces P in "Peter" (1.2.2)
 • Toggle (2.1.1)
 • Font-match mode (2.1.3)

If you got a good laugh out of this extension, please rate it on the Web Store and check out my other stuff at
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