Alitools shopping assistant Alitools shopping assistant

Price history for 6 months, similar products, find item by picture, seller ratings.


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Several reasons to download and install Alitools:

- Check seller ratings before buying to avoid bad sellers.
- Allows you to find goods by photo. Essential for clothing, shoes and accessories.
- Finds similar products. Find options cheaper or with free shipping from another seller.
- Alitools will help to track the parcel from China and notify about a change in its status.
- Avoid artificial discounts, especially during big sales: 11.11, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.
- See how a product's price was changing for the last 6 months. Supports rubles, dollars and another 18 currencies.
- Receive notifications if the product has fallen in price.
- View real product photos from customer reviews.
- Find the product in the browsing history.

Alitools can synchronize data between computers. For example, at work and at home. To do this, simply create an account.

We are always open to communication and will be happy to answer your questions. Contact form:

By installing the Alitools Chrome extension, you accept the terms of the «User Agreement» and allow redirecting you to the links of the affiliate program AliExpress. User agreement —

For extension's functions to work and to be able to improve the product, we collect anonymous data about how you use AliExpress and other popular online stores. More details in privacy —

The Alitools extension uses the Google Analytics service to collect statistics on the use of the extension. If you do not want to transfer data, you can find the official Google blocker application or any equivalent. The official Google Analytics blocker from Google —

We support the Chrome Web Store’s minimum rational use of extensions policy:
1. «http(s)://*/*»
- Collection of information on prices and products on Ali Express and on popular online stores.
- Search for products on AliExpress by pictures on other sites.
- Search for lower priced alternatives on AliExpress for products that you are viewing on other online stores.
2. «Cookies»
- Alitool account authorization.
- Automatic detection of language, currency and country of delivery on Ali Express.
3. «Notifications»
- Notification send on product's price drop.
4. «Tabs» and «Web Navigation»
- Browsing history widget.
- Correct functioning of the Ali Tools widget when opening multiple product pages.
- We do not run image search scripts on domains that are prohibited in the settings and save the resources of your computer.
5. «ContextMenus»
- Search by image from the context menu.
6. «Storage»
- Storing the extension settings.
- Storing the history of the viewed products.