Paste Email Plus for Chrome Paste Email Plus for Chrome

Paste pre-defined text into any input field

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Version: 2.1.4 (Last updated: 2017-08-15)
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Paste Email Plus allows you to paste pre-defined text (pastetext) into any webpage form. 

Pastetext items can be assigned to different categories.  For example, you may have a category named 'Email' that contains your email addresses.  Another category for 'Passwords' may be used to store passwords to various websites (any pastetext item can be encrypted so nobody else may view it.  Encrypted items may only be pasted into password fields.).

Version 2.0 allows for whitelisting pages that otherwise do not work well with PEP.

The paid version allows for importing/exporting Chrome PEP entries and also importing PEP items from Firefox.

Support for this extension can be found in the support forum:

This extension was originally written for Firefox by Chuck Baker and has now been ported to Chrome
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