Dreditor Dreditor

An extension for Drupal.org that enhances user experience and functionality. Original author: Daniel F. Kudwien (sun).

Rating: 4.86 (29)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 1.2.17 (Last updated: 2018-01-29)
Size: 39.14K
Dreditor (short for Drupal editor and pronounced /'dɹɛdɪtə/) started as a simple idea for a (GreaseMonkey) browser user script to help module maintainers, Drupal core maintainers, and developers in general to review patches on 

Dreditor provides multiple applications/helpers for drupal.org and implements a concept of applications/namespaces/modules. The user script can re-use all available data on drupal.org as well as common Drupal development practices.
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