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Improves productivity in watching YT videos by easy access to keywords & markers.

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YouTube Booster is an extension that displays a few more details about the video, allows you to create markers, and helps navigate through all your tabs with YT videos. 

It is a free extension. No account is required. Now we also support 'dark' theme!

If you are a creator and you are wondering what keywords other creators use for their productions, now you have easy access to them.

As a viewer, maybe you are interested in topics meant as a keyword by your favorite YouTuber. Now there are links to instant search. Easy click&explore :-)

I hope you will find useful a few other features, like rating, number of adverts, and screens that usually appear at the end of the video.

I love 'Markers.' It allows for making personal markers for videos. Click 'Add' in the 'Markers' section, add few words of description and save. Now you have quick access to that particular moment in the video.

But I love the 'YT Orchestra' the most. 
Have you ever experienced the nightmare of all chrome tabs playing at the same time, just because OS did update & restart?
If you are like me, with few dozens of tabs open with many YT tabs, you can feel that pressure to find them all playing...
Now, YT Orchestra allows you to 'play only one video.' Once one video starts playing, all others will be paused. 
Also, at the bottom of 'YT Booster's frame, all YT tabs are listed with status and simple control of the video, and quick links to those tabs. 

In the section 'Import & Export', you have two export options.
One is a simple export of Markers to a text file.
The second export is for backup purposes, the same as an import. Here you can import exported .json file. It allows you to move data between browsers or keep it as a backup :-)

Besides the standard export, you can copy marker(s) to the clipboard by clicking the clipboard icon.
That one next to '+' in Markers will copy the current timestamp and video title to your clipboard.
The icon next to the video thumbnail on the Markers list will copy all markers from that video.
And finally, the icon next to the 'delete' icon will copy details of the particular entry.

PS. There is neither registration nor tracking. Everything is stored in your browser. If you uninstall this extension or cleanup caches of your browser, your list of markers will be removed permanently. Prons & cons of anonymous usage ;-)

PS2. remember to reload pages with YTBooster after updating this extension.

** Releases **
- Markers will sync between browsers
- Reload button added to refresh list of open tabs
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