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A color palette manager that keeps your colors 1 click away. Great for multimedia projects. Now at

Rating: 3.55 (56)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 0.6.3 (Last updated: 2021-03-20)
Size: 503.81K
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Risk level: Probably safe
A completely redesigned version can be found at

To migrate your Color Palette Pocket palettes to Colorony, click "EXPORT" in Color Palette Pocket's settings and "Import Color Palette Pocket palettes from clipboard" in Colorony's settings.


Minimal app for storing color palettes in hexadecimal format and keep them synced across computers. By default, it floats on top of all windows and is usable at a very small size. This makes it very handy if you need to do a lot of pasting of colors into apps that don't have a palette manager.

Colors can be edited by double-clicking:
- #FFFFFF or FFFFFF (# is optional)
- ABC becomes #AABBCC
- AB becomes #AAABBB
- A becomes #AAAAAA
- Leave it blank in order to remove the color.

New palettes are fetched from unless disabled.

Fonts used:
- DejaVu Sans Condensed Book by DejaVu Fonts
- Open Sans Light by Ascender Fonts
- Ionicons by @benjsperry
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