Plex bulk downloader Plex bulk downloader

A Chrome extension to assist with downloading multiple files from a Plex server

By: Bermos
Rating: 3.94 (18)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 1.1.1 (Last updated: 2021-01-27)
Size: 16.2K
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Browse to any album (music, photos, movie collection or tv season) and click the extention icon and then download to start downloading the whole album. Downloading only the selected files is currently only possible for music albums. If you want to do the same for photos one workaround is to add the selected photos to a new (temporary) album and then download that.

- v1.1
  Changed file name of TV Episodes to format 'Series name - SxxExx - episode name.format'
- v1.0
  First official release.
- v0.9
  Fixed download of photo albums.
- v0.8
  The extension now matches host "" and path "/web/index.html" to try and not be in your face on pages that have nothing to do with Plex.
- v0.7
  Added path match "desktop" because the host isn't using the same path as the self hosted version.
- v0.6
  The downloads are now queued in a background script so they will continue even if the active tab is changed. Also rewriting file/pathnames to not conflict with Windows path restrictions.
- v0.5
  The Extension is now restricted to tabs with the path "web/index.html" so it won't be in your face all the time.
- v0.4
  Added support for libraries that were shared with you.
- v0.3
  Fixed download link so it will also download pictures not just music.
- v0.2
  Fixed broken manifest.json
- v0.1
  First version.
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