Omegle Chat Helper Omegle Chat Helper

Use Omelge more easy and fast with the Omegle Chat Helper, no need to click next and type a welcome messagem we automate it.

Omegle Chat Helper is a Chrome extension by It had 8,000+ weekly active users and an average rating of 2.92 before it was removed from Chrome Web Store 2 months ago. Omegle Chat Helper is similar to Omegler and OmegaSkipper. The last published version was 1.5, updated 9 years ago.

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2022-06-19
Users: 8,000+
Rating: 2.92 (65)
Version: 1.5 (Last updated: 2013-09-03)
Featured: No
Size: 111.62K
Risk level: Moderate risk
The App helps you to simplify your Omegle workflow. No more copy pasting welcome messages and pressing next if someone nexted you.
User reviews
Honestly im not even sure if how to work this thing or if its even working. Doesn't make the system clear enough and doesnt allow you to see what the helper is doing whilst being used.
Daniel Meredith Daniel Meredith
Been using for years never let me down once. great job
Censored Drowzyy Censored Drowzyy
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