MicroBlocks MicroBlocks

Simple, easy-to-use blocks programming language for the BBC micro:bit and other microcontrollers

By: gpblox
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Users: 1,464
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Version: 1.0.15 (Last updated: 2021-02-23)
Size: 4.46M
Price: Free
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MicroBlocks is a free blocks programming language inspired by Scratch that runs right inside microcontroller boards such as the BBC micro:bit, the Calliope mini, AdaFruit Circuit Playground Express and Express Bluefruit, NodeMCU, ESP32, and many Arduino boards.

MicroBlocks is a live programming system. As you click on blocks and make changes to your program, you see the results immediately on the microcontroller without the need to compile or download. When you're ready, you can disconnect the board from you computer, connect a battery pack, and you program runs autonomously so you can carry your creation in your pocket, build it into an art project, or even wear it!

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