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This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2020-09-26
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Version: 1.0.1 (Last updated: 2019-05-31)
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Price: $2.99/month - Free to try
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Site to Speech provides an easy alternative to reading websites. With Site to Speech users can simply listen to any web page. Through this simple extension simply go to a web page and hit convert, it’s that easy.  Then you will receive the converted audio file directly in the extension available for download of play back in browser.  Unlike other conversion extensions Site to Speech does not collect or sell user data and is ad and promotion free, we simply make digital content accessible to you in audio format. 

Site to Speech is great for busy lifestyles that want to digest digital content while multitasking. Site to Speech is also great for reading impaired and provides access to content that might other wise be restrictive or inaccessible. Listen to blogs on your commute, news stories while working  , or how to articles while following along. 

     •	Choose from multiple different voices for reading
     •	Rapid response times 
     •	Downloadable files
     •	Submit up to 10 web pages a day for conversion
     •	Have you last 3 audio files stored in your extension
     •	Currently supports English speaking audio files  
     •	No email sign-up and no account creation required   

Since all sites are created differently Site to Speech focuses on converting the most text for the most sites. This means there are inevitably site that Site to Speech will not work great for, like sites that are rely on images extensively. Most news sites, content, blogs, articles and how to pages convert very well. 
As this app has a mission to make digital content more accessible feature requests are greatly appreciated and evaluated regularly.