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Custom loops extension for Youtube videos

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Version: 2021.06.29 (Last updated: 2021-06-29)
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Use this plugin to loop in sections of Youtube videos!

This is a great tool to help you do music training, or any kind of thing you can leverage repetition on video sections!

- create multiple loops so you can train sections with ease
- your loops are locally stored, when you get back to your videos your loops will still be there
- set a custom playback rate (you can use very precise rates as 0.7 0.85 so you can train on your speed)
- automatically generate loops for videos that have markers

Pro tips:
- Hold shift key to adjust time in steps of 100ms instead of 1 second.
- Hold shift and click on play to start loop 3 seconds before the loop time.
- Click on the Speed label to reset speed to 100%
- Click on the time numbers to edit via text (for very precise editing)
- If you end a loop before the start, it will flip start/end automatically (actually, that happens if try to make the start to go after the finish in any editing way possible).

You can find the source code for this project at
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