Fast Panopto Fast Panopto

Allows user to choose a video speed beyond the defaults allowed by Panopto.

Rating: 4.64 (14)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 1.23 (Last updated: 2019-12-06)
Size: 26.2K
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Risk level: Safe
Chrome extension which allows you to set Panopto's video player speeds greater or less than the defaults given on the page.
Additionally, allows users to download the webcam video displayed while on a Panopto video player page. An example URL where this extension may be used is given below.
Note: use of the extension requires being on a Panopto video session page of the form *://*.panopto.*/*/Viewer*.

Example page where this extension would be used:

If you found this extension helpful, please consider donating by clicking the donate button in it! I'm a college student that wrote this extension for myself and others to use to help study or cram lectures and I could use the coffee money :)

New in 1.23: Usable by domains outside of the US
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