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Lightning Admin Menu Lightning Admin Menu

A simple drop-down to make navigating Lightning a bit easier.

Rating: 5.00 (3)
Users: 176 -14
Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2018-08-23)
Size: 42.78K
Price: Free
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This extension creates a dropdown menu in Salesforce Lightning that makes it easier for administrators to navigate to various pages (e.g. Classic Setup, Recycle Bin, Workbench, etc.). Currently, the extension allows you to easily navigate to:

- Developer Console
- Workbench (Including an automatic login feature)
- Component Library (unique to your org)
- Lightning Design System
- Aura Documentation

  - Classic Setup (without requiring you to switch to Classic)
  - Lightning Setup
  - Object Manager

  - Recycle Bin
  - Up to 5 custom URLs -- either full URLs (e.g.
 or relative URLs (e.g. /lightning/setup/ManageUsers/home)

  - Switch to Classic
  - Logout

The menu is be opened by clicking the Salesforce (or custom) logo in the Salesforce header on any Lightning page. Menu items can be shown/hidden through the "Options" dialog (right-click the icon and choose "Options...").

The extension requires access to Salesforce Lightning pages (to embed the menu) and Workbench pages (for the automatic login feature). No actual Salesforce data is ever read by the extension.
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