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Version: 4.9 (Last updated: 2018-02-22)
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v2.80 July 15 2017 - bug fixes
v 2.75 July 13 2017 - updated to match facebook's new design.

PRO version:
1) REMINDER POP UP - save your brain from having to remember to use it, it reminds you!

2) Works with DARK POSTS in Business Manager

3) AUTOMATED and you can SELECT RANGE of posts you want to invite - unlike others that require you to open the post first one by one, or, it does 'all' posts, which may be 100's of posts that have very little value to go through.

When people like your posts, you have the ability to 'invite to like page' - this extension automates going through your page posts and automatically invite up to ~400 invites per each time you run (FB limits the amount of invites you can perform per day).

This is really useful if you boost your posts and you get lots of likes for a post but not for the page. You can invite everyone who has liked the post to like your page.

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