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nghĩa trần
nghĩa trần
very good!
Roberta Amaro
Roberta Amaro
Works great!
Rodney Howell
Rodney Howell
Excellent - Works Great!
This might be a fake review kingmanlove1
لا تحتفظ الاضافة بالسرعة المضبوطة وتحتاج الى ضبطها على كل فيديو يدويا ارجو حل هذه المشكلة
2020-12-11 Hans Zamorano Matamala Es posible llegar hasta 15x, y no es invasivo con el teclado!
Mirac Ertekin
Mirac Ertekin
Best video speed controller on the webstore
2020-09-18 Young hee Cho Other video speed controllers only work in youtube. But, this works in any site and any videos.
Aroman Ron
This might be a fake review Aroman Ron
2020-02-26 吴遵 对比了多种这类的控制插件,本插件可以说是优秀的。
01 ムKuro
01 ムKuro
Works flawlessly even on Brave browser. Does not track you from what I can tell. Wanted something like this for custom speed of 1.11, every time user interaction may break the deal for some. 10/10 does what supposed to do