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Command & Conquer TA Coordinates Utility Command & Conquer TA Coordinates Utility

Small tool that allow you to copy coords easily.

By: Bluepix
Rating: 3.67 (6)
Users: 200 -4
Version: 1.1 (Last updated: 2013-08-14)
Size: 26.15K
Price: Free
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- Point at any coords to copy the location. 
- Shows small image highlighting the selected location relevant to map center and sectors. 
- Allows to paste coords to any text input (i.e. chat - message - formus...). 

How to use:

Simply move the mouse pointer at any coords, a small window will appear, click copy. 
Then right click wherever you want to paste it and choose either paste or paste BB(to paste in [coords]xxx:xxx[/coords] format).
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