Supreme Bot: AutoBot Supreme Bot: AutoBot

By far the fastest and easiest bot on the market. Multiple items, size & color selection, US/EU and timer included!

Rating: 3.31 (13)
Users: 65 -2
Version: 1.17.4 (Last updated: 2020-02-29)
Size: 498.69K
Price: $5.99/month
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AutoBot is automatically updated weekly.
- Autobot is now updated for the the SS 2020 Season! Good luck all! - 

With our new monthly payment system you can enjoy the flexibility of only paying for the drops you actually like!
Remember to update the morning before the drop for the most recent version.
To Update, go to Google Chrome Extensions, and press 'Update'. For any questions, email our support adres or join our Discord channel:

  * Timer to start at drop time
  * Fully automatic item checkout
  * Full checkout autofill
  * Paypal & credit card support
  * Captcha ByPass
  * Human mimic typing
  * Color and size selection
  * Easy to use. No keywords/itemcodes necessary 
  * Full up-to-date droplist
  * Works on US/EU stores
- 1.17 UPDATE - 
  * Added clarity to when a item is not found or sold out
  * Added the possibility to decide your own timer start time
  * Fixed CPU issues with the timer function
  * Performance improvements

  * Disable image loading to increase speed

Any questions can be sent to We answer all questions as fast as we can!

All Personal Info is safe, as the Supreme Bot: AutoBot by permissions only has access to supreme website:
 All data is also stored on local storage, which means you are the only one that may access your information. For more information, if you have purchased the bot navigate to extensions and go to details and check out the permissions of the program.

The best Supreme Bot: Auto Bot is here! This google chrome extension automatically buys the most recent items from SupremeNewYork. 

Supreme Bot: AutoBot is the easiest bot to use on the market. Just click on the hottest item and fill in your preferences. Let the bot do the rest! The bot can automatically wait for the drop at your local timezone, and checkout items even if you are browsing any other site.

The bot includes an easy color and size selection tool with the ability to provide multiple preferences.

Fill in your settings to make AutoBot autocomplete the checkout form. 

Click. Cop. Flex. It's that easy.
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