Compare Chrome extensions: Udemy Downloader vs Online course discount

  • Udemy Downloader has 31,137 more weekly active users than Online course discount.
  • Udemy Downloader has 0.98 lower average rating than Online course discount.
  • Udemy Downloader has been rated 94 more times than Online course discount.
  • The size of Udemy Downloader is 1445.44% the size of Online course discount.
Udemy Downloader Udemy Downloader Stats Online course discount Online course discount
31,387 User count 250
4.02 Average rating 5.00
96 Rating count 2
2021-04-26 Last updated 2018-05-06
601.09K Size 41.59K
3.1 Version 0.0.1
Short description
Udemy downloader extension. Get Udemy coupon code here. Save up to 90% off discount. Starting from $10 per course.
Full summary
- In this user-friendly chrome extension, you can download the lecture videos in the course content you have already bought on Udemy collectively or individually.

- If you turn off the "ask where to save before downloading" feature in Chrome settings, you can download in a categorized way.
   (You can change the settings on "chrome://settings/downloads")

Update notes : 
v3.1 - fixed stuck problem.
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