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Netflix Search Netflix Search

Takes a url from and sparses it to a Netflix search with Google.

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Version: 1.2 (Last updated: 2015-03-01)
Size: 15.79K
Price: Free
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I use to keep track of all my movies as well as find new movies to watch. When I am on and want to see a new movie I have to navigate to Netflix and search for the same title just to add it to my Netflix queue. So I decided to make this little extension. When I am on a page for a movie, I click the little Netflix logo. That creates a new tab with a Netflix search including the name of the film. Typically the first DVD is the page for the movie. So I click that link and then add it to my queue. Simple as that. It is also worth noting that this works with IMDB as well. If you click while on a movie page from there.
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