SS TV Remote SS TV Remote

A TV remote control compatible with network-enabled Samsung TVs

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Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2021-11-07)
Size: 40.79K
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Status: Not maintained. Chrome apps are deprecated, and I don't have a Samsung TV anymore. If this app still works for you, great! If it doesn't, I'm sorry, but I won't work on it anymore. If you're a developer, you are free to fork away the code and build your own remote.


This is a Chrome app to control a Samsung TV over the network.

* Open-source!
* Multiple layouts: choose the one most suited to you!
* Flexible size: the window is resizable and the contents will adapt to any size.
* Macro support: a single button can send a sequence of key presses to the TV (e.g. raise the volume 4 times).
* Option to keep the window always on top.
* Option to display the window on all workspaces (on platforms that support it, i.e. anything but Windows).
* Chrome sync: the options are saved in your Google account.

How to use:

1. Click the small "gear" icon at the top-right to open the Options window.
2. Put the IP address of your TV in the Options window.
3. Click "Apply".
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