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Inbox AI by Caspy Inbox AI by Caspy

Caspy, your inbox personal assistant

Rating: 4.20 (5)
Users: 202 +9
Version: (Last updated: 2017-03-23)
Size: 1.23M
Price: Free
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Goodbye obsessive inbox checking. Hello Caspy!
Caspy is an A.I. that will send you a notification only when you receive an important email so you can forget your inbox and get more work done.  
> You receive an email in need of a reply. We alert you with a notification. Simple.
>Dont have time to reply? Want to be reminded later? No problem. Just snooze the notification for an hour, a day or a week.
>Train the A.I. to give smarter recommendations. Press the nope button on a notification to help it figure out what’s important and what isn’t.   
> View unreplied email subject lines from anywhere in your browser.
>See the snippet of an unreplied email to quickly understand its context.
> Keep track of how long a person has been waiting for your reply to prioritize like a pro.
>Become efficient at reconnecting with old contacts.   
>Get notified whenever a contact is drifting away so you can rekindle their love.
We know privacy is a concern for many people (including ourselves) and it is a responsibility that we take very seriously. None of your emails are stored on our servers - we only retain high level data of an email which the A.I. uses to create recommendations.
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