Compare Chrome extensions: SuperNova SWF Enabler vs Flash Player +

  • SuperNova SWF Enabler has 400,000+ more weekly active users than Flash Player +.
  • SuperNova SWF Enabler has 1.29 lower average rating than Flash Player +.
  • SuperNova SWF Enabler has been rated 166 more times than Flash Player +.
  • The size of SuperNova SWF Enabler is 3971.59% the size of Flash Player +.
SuperNova SWF Enabler SuperNova SWF Enabler Stats Flash Player + Flash Player +
700,000+ User count 300,000+
2.01 Average rating 3.31
320 Rating count 154
2022-09-29 Last updated 2022-03-06
4.35M Size 109.57K
0.92 Version 2.4
Short description
Allow users to easily play their favorite SWF Game Content Flash Player + play & save favourite flashes to view them later.
Full summary
Keep playing all your favorite content with the SuperNova SWF Enabler. Don't let big companies take away your fun -- Supernova SWF enables lets you keep playing all your favorite SWF games on your favorite gaming websites.*

Without SuperNova, hundreds of thousands of web games might eventually no longer be available to users, and we would lose decades of internet gaming history.

But by installing the SuperNova SWF Enabler, you will be able to access all the SWF content on all of your preferred web destinations, and keep playing your favorite games - forever.
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Open the webpage where the flash content is and simply press the play button on the flash content and this will run the flash on the webpage also it can be saved to a flash playlist for it to be played later without downloading.

Add new flash file:
- Navigate to the webpage with some flash files
- Click to icon of extension Flash Player +
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