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2021-05-12 nt mg is there a mobile version of this ?
2021-05-11 Jeremy Fix It's easy to use! you must save the mnemonic words in a safe place, you can get back your token account with the mnemonic words even though you forget the sign-in password of the wallet.
2021-05-10 SHI SATO nice!
looks good
Daniele Rosboch
Daniele Rosboch
When I harvest RAY from the stack I cannot see them on solong. I can use and swap them, but on solong I don't have them. If I swapped them in SOL they arrive correctly. Is it a bug? Can you correct it please.
2021-05-08 capital soup amazing wallet
guo chen
guo chen
easy use like metamask
Bilihill Pix
Bilihill Pix
great experience!
2021-04-25 Tyler Brangman Cannot send funds from wallet. Buggy all the time. No way to contact developer or get help from support.
Shek Ki Yan
Shek Ki Yan
Can not create mint, just show messgae "This may take a while, check later"
2021-03-15 Ben Gentilli Cant get access to funds
Can't send any fund out. It works once in a while but most of the time it doesn't. Tried with USDC, USDT, RAY, SRM, same problem.
2021-03-03 Ukar Liptus Scam cannot send token out cannot do anything
2021-02-01 Cameron Just created a wallet today, I exited chrome and now it wont let me log back in so my funds are stuck..
2021-01-22 Francesco Agosti Can't get my USDC out
2020-11-05 CZ Theng Cool !!! Then I can do every thing just in one window.
2020-11-03 Pool Game wow, is it official ?