Coremetrics Bar for Chrome Coremetrics Bar for Chrome

This extension shows you all Coremetrics requests, allowing easier debugging of Coremetrics.

This extension is no longer available in Chrome Web Store
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Users: 1,324 +32
Version: 1.41 (Last updated: 2013-06-16)
Size: 101.91K
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This is an extension for Chrome to aid in the debugging of Coremetrics tag. It displays tag information in a stand-alone window.
This extension was made by myself (Chris Dial) and is IN NO WAY associated with IBM and is not 'officially' supported by anyone :)

If you find anything missing that you need (attributes/tags whatever) please let me know and I will be sure to add them in.

v1.41 Updates:
* Added in missing attributes for registration tag:
Email (em)
Newsletter Name (nl)
Subscribed Flag (sd)

v1.4 Updates: 
* Fix tags getting skipped sometimes due to javascript errors parsing url request args.
* Add Customer ID to tag elements displayed.