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Octopus Cloud Extension Octopus Cloud Extension

Used with your Octopus Business Cloud PBX to receive call-, voicemail- and chat messages, and Click2Dial from any webpage.

Users: 204 +2
Version: 3.0 (Last updated: 2018-02-14)
Size: 3.6M
Price: Free
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  • Your data on all websites
  • Your tabs and browsing activity
  • Run JavaScript code in the context of web pages
  • Data you copy and paste
  • Receive notifications from this app in Chrome
  • Examine manifest for more details
Octopus Cloud Extension.

Receive pop-up notifications for 
- Incoming calls (with click to answer or reject), 
- Incoming Chat messages (with click to replay), 
- New Voice mail messages (with click to play the message). 
Clicking on the Browser icon will display the POPUP Menu. Which allows you to:
- Open Your Portal quickly (Open your Portal web page)
- Enter a number to Dial (enter a number using keypad or the on screen keypad and click the Dial button to make a call)
- Search for another user to dial and click the Dial button to make a call
- Search for another user and click the Chat button to make a Chat call.
- Use Quick Dial Keys
- Link to Octopus HomePage
- Link to the Help
- Link to the Options web page  (This allows you to change setting see Options below)

Click To Dial:
- You can highlight any numbers on a web page and right click to dial them.
- Also there are short-cut keys to allow you to dial any number in your clipboard.

- You can turn on and off each of the types of notifications. 
- Option to Auto-Reject callers who do not show CLI.
- Option to Auto-Answer all incoming calls.
- Option to Set Forward to voice mail or set a type of DND when you PC becomes Locked.
- Edit Quick Dial Keys
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