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  • LiveHosts has 53,000+ fewer weekly active users than Website IP.
  • LiveHosts has 0.62 lower average rating than Website IP.
  • LiveHosts has been rated 181 less times than Website IP.
  • The size of LiveHosts is 103.29% the size of Website IP.
LiveHosts LiveHosts
Stats Website IP Website IP
7,000+ User count 60,000+
3.46 Average rating 4.08
26 Rating count 207
2022-03-29 Last updated 2013-03-03
59.17K Size 57.28K
2.0.0 Version 1.5.2
Short description
Switch your host/IP mappings in real time without editing your hosts file Simple script which places the IP of the current website in the bottom right.
Full summary
LiveHosts is a Chrome extension that aims at providing a working (even if sub-obtimal) solution to a common nuisance that many web developers have to deal with every day. If you have multiple versions of your websites sharing the same host names on multiple environments, you often need to switch the assignments in your OS hosts file.

Other extensions (like the life-saving HostAdmin) can help with the cumbersomeness, but changes to the hosts file usually take an inconvenient amount of time to actually affect the browser.

Unfortunately, there is no way to make Chrome direct requests for a hostname to a specific IP without a standard redirect - you could set up a smart HTTP proxy, but it's often not possible or not convenient.
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This extension simply adds the IP of the current website you are viewing to the bottom right. 

* Simple solution to always show the current websites IP address instead of clicking through an extension
* Moves left or right on mouse over, it won't get in your way
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