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A Chrome Extension for forwarding request urls.

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在日常开发和调试过程中,由于测试环境的文件变更需要使用 CDN 上的静态文件,修改后需要重新发布,十分低效和繁琐,因此需要把线上或者测试环境的 CSS、JS 等静态文件转发到本地服务器,因此需要一个方便快捷的可以管理 url 转发的工具。

In the daily development and debugging process, due to the file change of the test environment, the static files on the CDN are needed, and they need to be republished after modification. This is very inefficient and cumbersome. Therefore, it is necessary to forward static files such as CSS and JS on the online or test environment to the local server, so you need a convenient tool that can manage url forwarding.

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