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Prima funzionava meglio. Ultimamente consumava una quantità spropositata di CPU (aprendo più schede parallelamente mi rallentava pesantemente la navigazione) ed ho dovuto rimuoverla dal browser
I'm not getting price alert emails anymore even though I've set them while logged in. Amazon has already stolen more than $70 from me because of this. I'm in the process of manually returning and reordering these products to get my $70+ back. Going to have to find a new Amazon price alert service.
Used to love this plugin but it seems every time I try to use it recently all I get is "...not enough data..." - this may be likely due to Amazon making changes but still frustrating.
I've literally saved THOUSANDS of dollars with this extension, and donated to the developer to help keep it going. I can't imagine life without it.
TOP 5!!!
can't log in.
C'était bien mais il ne met plus les prix à jour depuis un moment... donc complètement inutile
كُتب في الوصف أنه يدعم أمازون الإمارات. لكنه ليس كذلك. غير مهم ومضلل
Great extension, but recently it no longer lets me type anything in the email or desired price boxes. So I can't set up alerts.
Should have reviewed this a long time ago, but this is my go to price benchmarking tool! It's not always entirely accurate, but gives a great picture of what to expect will price seasonality and trends. Well done!
Never received a price drop alerts for several items and camelizer doesn't even show the price drop in the graph.
nice price well
Worst update you could possibly think of. Why is this necessary exactly? Scaling is ruined on this update, also a new permission is required now "read and change your data on a number of websites" I can't see the reason behind it
The most recent update is not good because the scale doesn't fit properly and you need to scroll around awkwardly. Who thought this was a good idea?!
They went and took something that worked great and ruined it. The price graph doesn't fit the popup so you have to scroll around awkwardly. Whoever decided that was acceptable is a moron.
Popup window is no longer big enough so you have to scroll left/right and up/down. I liked it much better when no scrolling was necessary.
i just removed it , because the developer asking new permission , which is read and change my data in other websites !!
They just added new permissions "read and change your data on a number of websites".
Good app
That's Amazing it
Extension no longer works, hasn't for quite some time.
To this day, it's still the best extension for looking at the price history of an item. Other extensions only look back at the price history in the paste month? Or 3 months? Camelcamelcamel has seemingly no limit! It's awesome!
It doesn't work...