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the one thing I like about Whyd is the the extension which allows you to add music from youtube to a playlist very easily, I don't care to use the stream of people you follow because i have soundcloud for that but the extension feature is what I've been looking for and is the perfect solution (if it actually worked) you see when i try to listen to my playlist in the background of a game it gets through the first song fine but doesn't play the next song unless i leave the game, and as soon as i pull the page up the next song begins, also I often get errors saying something like "this song cant be played" and i don't know why, another thing is when i'm in a game i get a massive frame rate drop compared to using sites like youtube or soundcloud and the toggle video button in the corner turns the video off but as soon as the next song begins the video comes back on which is so annoying. Another thing I would like to be changed is not that important but the volume adjustment slider is way too small and when i adjust it the volume doesn't as i left the the slider but it changes when i let go of the slider which is also annoying. this site has great potential but for my personal use it is almost unusable. I really hope these issues can be fixed
Cette extension qui fonctionnait très bien jusqu'à présent, ne fonctionne plus.
extra, très simple