Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

Simple ScreenShots - save or send Simple ScreenShots - save or send

ScreenShot the entire Page, Tab or Screen and sav/copy them as PNG or PDF.

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Version: 1.0.3 (Last updated: 2020-05-07)
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  • Your data on all websites
  • Your tabs and browsing activity
  • Capture content of screen, individual windows or tabs
  • Run JavaScript code in the context of web pages
  • Examine manifest for more details
ScreenShot and capture the entire  Page, the whole tab and save it in PDF, PNG or copy to the clipboard
enjoy the easy way of doing screenshots

# The size of the screen shot is up to you
-    Full Page screen shot
-    Visible Page screen shot
-    Your size screen shot

# Download the screens the way You want 
-    .PNG file
-    .PDF file
-    Copy to the clip-board to share with your friends

# Little extras 
-    Choose yourself a folder for your downloads
-    Simple editing tools for your screen-shots

Enjoy it!
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