2018 SBE 2018 SBE

2018 SBE Chrome App

Users: 10,000+
+1,000 vs 1 day ago
+7K vs 1 week ago
Version: (Last updated: 2017-11-07)
Size: 80.55K
Risk level: Moderate risk
This is an experimental Chrome App. DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless instructed.

Performs UDP Admin Discovery on 192.168.15.* subnet.

Choose Assessment Mode screen.
Router Mode.
Non-router mode added in
Lockdown added to version
Persistent communication added in version
Fixed a typo in version
Sockets a little more robust
Chrome instanceID in
Offline mode enabled
Reconfigured some key lockdown keys
Better chromebookId notification to webview
network detection in
improved internet detection
no sleeping while assessing, version info while in running as kiosk app
NAEP Check button added (for cloud mode),
Redirecting WIRIS urls in router mode
Admin assetid display
More stable. device checks done in router and cloud mode
Less stable. Router network switcher on check fail.
Updated manifest with permissions.
Switched to messaging mode. temp change.
Reverting to stable version -
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