Pia Pia

Publisher: http://getpia.com
User count: 223
Rating: 13
Pia - Your smart, personal assistant

24 alternatives for Pia

Publisher: bamg.vn
User count: 35
Rating: 5
This extension allows you to vocally navigate on web pages
2, Voice To Search Voice To Search
Publisher: DecodedMonkey
User count: 560
Rating: 5
Search via Voice
3, Voice Command Voice Command
User count: 116
Rating: 1
Voice Command turns your web browser into a voice-based assistant.
4, Luminous Luminous
User count: 49
Rating: 2
Replace your New Tab Page with the choice of 4 search engines and an AI assistant that allows you to search the web with your voice.
5, Akane Akane
Publisher: adjolmos
User count: 22
Rating: 5
AI asistant bot
6, Spot-A-Voice Spot-A-Voice
Publisher: yash.chitneni
User count: 83
Rating: 12
Voice control for Spotify
7, Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant
User count: 169
Rating: 3
The Virtual Assistant can do a lot of tasks like: actual weather, information searching in the web and many other things...
8, Browse By Voice 2.0 Browse By Voice 2.0
Publisher: Piyush Santwani
User count: 410
Rating: 11
Your personal voice activated browsing assistant.
9, Salesforce Voice Assistant Salesforce Voice Assistant
Publisher: Ashish Sharma
User count: 72
Rating: 8
Salesforce Voice Assistant
10, NaviVoice: Voice Input Productivity Assistant NaviVoice: Voice Input Productivity Assistant
User count: 654
Rating: 14
Surf the web with just your voice!
11, Anna Assistant Anna Assistant
Publisher: Capsule Corp
User count: 161
Rating: 19
Your Personal Assistant on Google Chrome.
12, GooNow - Voice Search GooNow - Voice Search
Publisher: André Freitas
User count: 30,744+
Rating: 395
An extension that lets you start a Google Voice Search in any website
13, Voice Actions for Chrome (beta) Voice Actions for Chrome (beta)
Publisher: Zachary Yaro
User count: 9,432+
Rating: 148
Control your browser just by talking to it.
14, EasyVoice Search EasyVoice Search
User count: 7,503+
Rating: 192
Voice search using any search engine easily!
15, Voice Control for Chrome™ (Beta) Voice Control for Chrome™ (Beta)
Publisher: Kunihiro Ando
User count: 1,079+
Rating: 12
Voice Control for Chrome™
16, Voice Search Voice Search
Publisher: andrkremov
User count: 1,383+
Rating: 16
It is very easy! Just say what you want to find.
17, Speech Recognition for AutoScroll Speech Recognition for AutoScroll
Publisher: bektayevamadina
User count: 204
Rating: 2
Voice recognition-enabled Google Chrome Extension to automatically scroll your web pages.
18, Voice Search It Voice Search It
User count: 2,209+
Rating: 9
Voice Search using speaking.
19, Hey Buddy - Chrome Voice Assistant Hey Buddy - Chrome Voice Assistant
User count: 2,421+
Rating: 59
Speech recognition and voice control for Chrome
20, Click by Voice Click by Voice
Publisher: mdbridge
User count: 878
Rating: 7
This Chrome browser extension provides support for activating links and other HTML elements using voice commands.
21, Multilingual Voice Search Multilingual Voice Search
Publisher: hoishing
User count: 1,228+
Rating: 9
Perform Google voice search in various languages.
22, Hands Free for Chrome Hands Free for Chrome
User count: 562
Rating: 11
Navigate the web hands free!
23, Zuzu AI Knowledge Assistant for Chrome Zuzu AI Knowledge Assistant for Chrome
Publisher: https://zuzu.ai
User count: 87
Rating: 6
Get trusted and verified Knowledge everywhere you work!
24, Handsfree for Web - Voice Control Handsfree for Web - Voice Control
User count: 2,844+
Rating: 31
Browse the web using just your voice