Adstopper adblock software Adstopper adblock software

Stop all kinds of ads and protect from malware

Adstopper is an extension that blocks ads. It filters the browser traffic and applies the blocking filters. Eventually, you see virtually no ads.

Please note that anti-adblocking techniques are all over the Internet. Some websites don’t allow you to enter unless you disable your adblocker. We try to prevent such measures. If you encounter such issues you can always add a certain website to the blacklist.

⭐ Easy setup: Just install the app, and all ad-blocking rules will be enabled automatically based on your geolocation.
⭐ Low footprint: We care about your browser performance. Applying tons of blocking rules consume your CPU, RAM, and battery charge. We try our best to decrease this footprint.
⭐ We don’t believe in the idea of “acceptable ads”. It’s not fair to get paid by ad companies to allow some “acceptable” ads to be acceptable. We don’t do it.
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