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Creeper Creeper

Scrape data from list-style web pages. There are samples for demo. Very easy to use. One minute configuration by just clicking.

By: hui.chu
Rating: 3.25 (4)
Users: 196
Version: 0.931 (Last updated: 2017-01-20)
Size: 347.14K
Price: Free
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Creeper is a scraping extension, focusing on list-style web pages. Users don't need to know any knowledge of html and css, although it is better to know them.

Creeper cannot scrape data from all web pages, but only list-style pages. List-style pages have rows, each of which has almost same fields.
User need to click html elments to tell Creeper which one is row element, which ones are field element, and which one is paging element. Creeper can then generate a sitemap template guide how to capture these data.
There are some list-style pages:

Steps to user Creeper:
1) Click the Creeper icon in the right top corner to open sitemap list;
2) Click the button "Create Sitemap" to open a form to define a sitemap for the current opend web page in the browser.
3) Click the button "Edit" to open sitemap detailed form, where you can click "Test" to scrape some sample data.
4) Click the button "Run" to scrape according sitemap.
4) After scraping, data will display in a table. You can export as csv file.
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