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Smoothie Smoothie

"Beauty is the absence of form where there is no function." Smoothie is built to be a lightweight (~48kB /w frame) and efficient…

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Version: (Last updated: 2011-03-27)
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"Beauty is the absence of form where there is no function."
Smoothie is built to be a lightweight (~48kB /w frame) and efficient (speedy) theme that comes with every advanced UI feature known .
Hope you enjoy!

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Please send in suggestions for alternative theme backgrounds (temp email above).

Chrome OS tested

For people with low contrast screens:
It has been reported that to view the theme as intended, Chrome 9 is recommend.
Chrome 4 does not convey the background tab completely.
Thanks to Ophentis!
Changes (regular updates):
v1.0.5.1 (12/18/10)
- major graphical overhaul
- reduced file size (51.5kB -> 48kB)
- new control button image
- registered creative commons license

- major cosmetic changes
- 3D monitor tested
- Thanks to Grey and Chrome Professional developer for their cooperation

v1.0.4.2 (14/12/10)
- reduced file size (58.1kB -> 51.5kB including wallpaper)
- added subtle glow effect found in some themes *NEW*

v1.0.4.1 (13/12/10)
- tested up till Chrome 9 / OS
- tested on Maverick (10.10), Natty (10.11), Mac OS X 10.x, and 7
- looking for suggestions about alternatives to the steel brush

v1.0.4 (04/03/10)
- made a non-Aero version for my Ubunutu Lucid
- enabled alternate chrome logo for theme
- further size reductions on the base files
- fixed frame tint issues issues

v1.0.3 (03/10/10)
- fixed update mechanism
- reduced file size (17.3kB -> 14.9kB including wallpaper)
- enabled transparency in section and header
- introduced new background wallpaper
- blueish header in Thumbnail View (known Chrome bug)

- enabled self-update mechanism

- reduced file size (1.79MB -> 17.3kB)
- improved speed
- created forced-transparency alternative (v1.0.1)

- initial release

- Chrome takes time to load grey into the new tab page (known Chrome bug)

Tags (please ignore):
Grey, silver, metal, rock, punk, uniform, gray, chromatic, monochrome, small, lightweight, feather, black, dark, smooth, netbook, wasp, pro, professional, all resolutions, 1080p, 720p, HD, 1920, 1680
Smoothie (AERO Edition):
Normal ~14.9kB  Extreme ~6.84kB