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I love Honey! So easy!
AWESOME!! saves more than 8$, that's for sure. I Just wish it saves more than 80$ :( OVERALL ITS GREAT!!
best web site and mrbeast thx
I like it
Una app obligatoria para comprar online
love it
I got Honey a while ago and its still awesome, whats not awesome about saving money?? I don't usually leave reviews but I think Honey deserves one hehe
I'm getting my mother Raycon earbuds and honey saved me 20 dollars no honey: $80, vs with honey: $60
I love Honey! This app has saved me money countless times. I recommend it highly.
love it!
i really like it:)
love it, great savings
Awesome :) I just saved $1.24 on a $6.24 sheet music thing!! :O That's pretty epic
doesn't give any codes that work always tells me there is a code that work and when I go to use it, it tells me that the code doesn't work anymore and there is no more codes or I have the best deal when I don't have a good deal
Amazing, its free money! You should download it 10/10!
Muy util
This app has saved me hundreds of dollars this month alone. If you are a big time or casual online shopper use honey as it is an actual money saver.
work rarely in canada
Honey has honestly saved me a lot of money, definitely recommend!!
What a great idea! i have saved so much; "every cent counts" thanks
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