Winter Wallpapers HD New Tab Theme Winter Wallpapers HD New Tab Theme

New Tab themes with Winter HD wallpapers made by fans, for fans of Winter

We are happy to present this awesome Theme with Winter wallpapers for your Chrome New Tab!
It is the best high quality collection of Winter Wallpapers for New Tab that was created for all the lovers. Winter Background Wallpapers is a great tool to
improve you browsing process. One click and you`ll get this superb Winter Wallpapers HD extension that
contains only the best and the brightest wallpapers for your chrome new tab. Real fans of the will be surprised and delighted. Why don't you just try?
It`s a real pleasure for your eyes and soul.
- Very useful searchbar
- List of most viewed websites
- Local time option
- Option of creating a list of errands
- Option of making notes
- The best and the brightest wallpaper and backgrounds for your Chrome ( pick one favorite
background or just shuffle them )
- Animation of snow is available!
You can also choose the option, which will hide signs, inscriptions and all the elements of new tab.
Now you can customize your Chrome New Tab the way you really want. This HD wallpapers will fit your
New Tab. Let`s make an incredible makeover for your browser! All you need is to install superb Winter
Wallpapers Chrome Theme.

The Winter wallpapers extension is created by fans and has nothing to do with creators and copyright
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