Find on Apple Music Find on Apple Music

Search and add tracks to library. Easy, fast, convenient. Adds "Find on Apple Music" button to the context menu.

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Version: 1.0.5 (Last updated: 2019-07-24)
Size: 1.12M
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🎵Do you use Apple Music or iTunes? Then this extension is for you. 🎵

Wherever you are, on any site:
1️⃣ Highlight the title of the track
2️⃣ Right-click
3️⃣ Select "Find on Apple Music" in the context menu
🎉 If the track is available on the service, a modal window will appear in which you can listen and immediately add the song to your library (if you are authorized)

Click on the extension icon 🔍 to open the instant search form
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