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Hacker Vision
#1. Hacker Vision (v2.61)
Night-mode for the internet. Apply a highly-visible dark theme to all webpages.
2,165 20,641
51 17,542
Recognize any music from any website in your browser
90 13,776
PixivDownloader EX
#4. PixivDownloader EX (v1.6.36.177)
You can download the images, comics and novels easily from pixiv!
87 12,213
Twitter Follower
#5. Twitter Follower (v5.0.4)
Multi-follow (or unfollow) users on twitter
905 11,927
Piconion Photo Editor
#6. Piconion Photo Editor (v2.5.0.3)
Photo Editor for Work. Runs Offline on Chromebook. Supports Layers.
134 7,859
Simple Posher
#7. Simple Posher (v2.4.5)
A series of tools to simplify the process of selling on Poshmark.
87 7,226
What is my IP address?
240 6,712
Keeps Facebook on When you log out, Facebook cookies are killed so that you aren't tracked as you traverse the web!
72 6,482
Arduino Create
#10. Arduino Create (v1.0.15.1)
Arduino Create Chrome app.
39 5,723
IG Follower
#11. IG Follower (v2.0.4)
Multi-follow (or unfollow) users on Instagram
103 3,278
Display two subtitle languages at the same time.Rewind by a few seconds.Rewind to the start of phrases.Pause at the end of phrases
29 3,090
Fully automatic image clipping to make a transparent PNG image in just a few seconds. Recognizing person, cat, dog, etc.
17 3,067
Instantly export and save contacts, unknown numbers, and other data from WhatsApp chats and groups
18 2,884
Social Helper
#15. Social Helper (v1.6.5.2)
Social Helper Extension. One extension with all the necessary tools for Instagram.
37 2,635
Instant Preview
#16. Instant Preview (v5.1.69)
Adds instant preview to search engine results page
134 2,597
Mint Customizations
125 2,425
A Growth Hacker Extractor extension to extract Facebook for the sole purpose of generating leads.
12 2,418
Powered by Google Text to Speech; read aloud the news, books and articles, translate to other languages and look up dictionary
22 1,763
A Poshmark auto sharing bot tool for the poshmark seller.
17 1,619
#21. LBTimer (v6.14)
Task counter & timer for Lionbridge and Appen/Raterlabs raters, integrated with Google Drive™
138 1,579
Create Google Music™ playlists that automatically update from user-defined criteria.
48 1,533
11 1,516
Read Google books aloud with text to speech
7 1,492
Bulk follow (or unfollow) users on Twitter
40 1,378
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