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FLV Player
#1. FLV Player (v0.1.0)
Play FLV video files by double clicking on them from the Files app, works offline. Great for your Chromebook
1,322 122,862
Murder Files
#2. Murder Files (v2.0.27)
Murder has never been so puzzling! Find out Whodunnit in the #1 Murder Mystery game, now available for Google Chrome.
1,912 54,217
#3. Entanglement (v3.9.2)
Create the longest path possible and challenge your friends in the game of Entanglement.
604 45,358
Downloads Facebook chats for reading offline and printing. Facebook chat downloader.
185 23,276
AirParrot 2
#5. AirParrot 2 (v2.7.3.8)
If you want to purchase or try AirParrot 2 for Chrome OS on an education account, contact us at…
238 17,681
Material Neutron
#6. Material Neutron (v1.3.9)
A fast and beautiful material designed code editor and text editor
76 6,593
KW Index Checker
#7. KW Index Checker (v1.1.2)
44 5,894
Cron Job Generator
#8. Cron Job Generator (v1.4.0)
Cron job generator
6 4,378
Export History
#9. Export History (v2.2)
Download your full chrome history in Excel-readable csv and json
47 3,617
Website AdBlocker+
This extension will block ads all over the web.
21 2,518
Enables surfing Tor's .onion sites with unparalleled ease.
41 2,068
Rozšíření, které odešle video archívu České Televize a Aktualne.TV (DVTV) do zařízení Chromecast nebo Android TV.
23 2,055
Flashcards for the student learning multiplication tables
10 1,819
Allow the configured flash enabled site(s) to launch by default in Chrome version 69 and above.
11 1,598
#15. LabCamera (v7.0.1237.0)
LabCamera is a Science exploration app with 7 amazing tools that allow you to explore scientific concepts with your device's camera.
25 1,441
#16. InviteAble (v1.7.2)
The fastest way to invite people who liked the post on your Facebook page to like your page.
30 1,131
#17. WordQ CA II (v1.3.7)
A simple text editor with powerful word prediction, speech feedback and speech recognition
3 949
US Presidents Flash Cards
2 939
Fuel Cost Calculator
Adds fuel cost to Google Maps when you plan a journey.
17 599
Flash Cards for the student of the Periodic Table of the Elements
1 594
WordQ CF
#21. WordQ CF (v1.3.7)
Un éditeur de texte simple à utiliser avec prédiction de mots, rétroaction vocale et reconnaissance de la parole.
0 503
Basic Russian Flashcards
Flashcards for the student learning basic Russian vocabulary
4 498
Material Markdown
#23. Material Markdown (v1.4.0)
A simple and clean Material Design markdown editor with side by side preview
18 496
RedBubble Tag Tool
#24. RedBubble Tag Tool (v1.6)
The RedBubble Tag tool helps discover related keywords, (Tags) based on Redbubbles client search data
7 464
#25. UFilter (v2.0)
Filter profanity from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video when CC is enabled
27 445
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