Chrome extensions

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Custom keyboard shortcuts for your browser
525 76,219
Digital clock with unique designs for Google Chrome. NEW! + 100 Different design themes available
75 64,007
Type Fu
#3. Type Fu (v4.7.7)
Touch typing trainer.
732 53,268
#4. JSTorrent (v2.4.3)
A Torrent Client for Google Chrome, runs everywhere in pure JavaScript
3,634 41,947
FBS II : Fast Bookmark Scanner II
#5. FBS II : Fast Bookmark Scanner II (v2018.09.21.1630)
Scan your bookmarks in order to delete duplicated links empty folders or merge duplicated folders.
778 25,592
Boxy SVG
#6. Boxy SVG (v3.42.4)
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor for Chrome OS
216 21,289
Pink Lake
#7. Pink Lake (v1)
Beautiful Lake Vistage Resolution: 1280x800
408 21,166
Seattle Night
#8. Seattle Night (v4)
Seattle Night
94 20,620
Productivity extension for Amazon NOTE: * It's a one-time fee. * If you don't have a price please try this link:…
61 12,186
With Super YouYube you can Read Comments while watching video, Control volume by scrolling over video.
495 11,127
MWOSD configurator
#11. MWOSD configurator (v1.7.1.10)
FPV UAV OSD software
76 8,174
A dark rgb theme with a rainbow neon.
105 7,622
Cute Cat Theme
#13. Cute Cat Theme (v1.3)
A theme with a cute cat
2,472 7,299
I Can See You
#14. I Can See You (v2.1)
See private photos and posts of any facebook users without being friends
203 6,784
space debris
#15. space debris (v1)
Nice space theme for your browser
250 6,496
Cute Kitten Theme
#16. Cute Kitten Theme (v1.31)
A theme with a cute kitten
2,118 6,060
Delete your Chrome browsing history, cache, cookies, downloads, forms, localstorage and more in one click.
96 5,707
Avatar Maker
#18. Avatar Maker (v1.3)
Create your own avatar cartoon image with an original and cool design.
39 5,401
Yosemite Inspired
#19. Yosemite Inspired (v1.1)
Inspired from OSX 10.10 and the beautiful Yosemite
192 5,383
Clear history, cache and cookies in one click. Make Chrome browser go fast! - Browser cleaner
21 5,304
Material for Chrome
A Material Design Theme for Google Chrome/Chromium.
1,053 5,185
Rosie Frenchie
#22. Rosie Frenchie (v0.0.6)
Cute, simple shapes of French Bulldog's head!
109 5,101
Transform any TV into a Picture Frame Slideshow with Music (MP3) by Streaming Local Photo Albums from PC to Google Cast & Chromecast
101 5,088
#24. FORCE JS (v1.1)
Force JS
9 4,111
Baby Frenchie
#25. Baby Frenchie (v0.0.1)
Cute, simple shapes of French Bulldog's head in baby’s colors!
83 3,737
12,894 results